Job or Skill? A chicken-egg dilemma

by megha sharma(@megha0111)

 It is almost a conundrum whether we need to create a job first or to skill first.

India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. The government of India has relaxed the FDI to encourage the manufacturing  by both domestic and foreign companies. “Make in India” mission led by the government is also expected to increase the manufacturing sector in the country. This increase in the manufacturing sector will eventually enhance the number of jobs. The other national mission towards the growth of the nation being Digital India, Start up India, Smart Cities etc.

But is it only the jobs that we require?

Even if the number of jobs are created in large numbers due to these missions, there is a need for a skilled workforce to make these missions successful. Success needs necessary skills. The youth population of any country is the driving force for its socioeconomic development. But the only way to utilise the young force efficiently is to channelise them properly. And hence skill development along with the employment plays a vital role in mobilising them.

India has the largest young population in the world, yet lacks in the skilled manpower. As per the labour bureau report 2014, the current size of India’s skilled workforce is only 2%.  India is facing the challenge of employability despite educated youth.


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The government of India has proposed the skill India mission, which aims at providing a framework to meet the challenges of Skilling. The mission claims to skill over 40 crore people by 2022. The policy thus proposed is the National policy for skill development and entrepreneurship 2015. The slogan for the mission being ” Kaushal Bharat Kushal Bharat” i.e Skill India Successful India.


But is it only skill that a person will require to get a job or is it more than that?










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It took around 50 years for us to make the  primary education compulsory. The skill requires being backed by the education. There has to be an improvement in the quality of school education along with the skill training. So that by the time students pass out they are skilled as well as well educated. This is when they will be called job-ready. This huge mismatch between education, skill training and employment cannot be ignored. 



Stay tuned to read about the various challenges faced by skill India mission, the narratives behind the logo and much more in my upcoming blogs.  


Megha Sharma is pursuing M.A in public policy at Mount Carmel College, Bangalore.


Author: megha

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4 thoughts on “Job or Skill? A chicken-egg dilemma”

  1. ur opening statement is by itself false.. many countries have shown gdp growth both in developing as well as underdeveloped strata..

    education is neither the necessity nor tge prerequisite for skill developement.. many educated enginners are unemployed or work on meagre salaries.. the need is mismatch of skillset.. what si taught to you hardly cater to the dynamic demands of your job and thats where the equilibrium imbalances..

    well, i feel like writing more but it wud be like judging your every point.. enuf for now..
    keep writing and stay away from taking hard stands (usage of ‘only’ ‘enuf’ etc)


    1. Thank you for reading and pointing out the errors. It will surely help me for my further blog writings. But as I am concerned, i have nowhere said that education is neccesary and a prerequisite for skill. I wanted to point out that there is a requirement of their melange. Mismatch of education and skill.


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